How to Handle WebEx Related Issues

Note: Students do not have WebEx accounts, and will not see a Webex tile in Onelogin. They are sent meeting invites and click on the link to join the meeting. The first time they join a Webex meeting the system prompts them to download webex.exe to run the meeting. Then they are able to connect into the meeting.

Cisco Webex web app lets users join from any supported Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser.  For help, see: Cisco Webex Web App Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

With the Cisco Webex web app, you can join Webex meetings and events fast, without installing anything (no plug-ins) on your computer.


Best Practices for Attending a Webex Meeting

  • Pre download the Webex Client https://www.webex.com/downloads.html
    • If you cannot run the client the Web Version is available
  • Choose your best audio option
    • HD Video unit (most likely not in your house)
    • Voip: if you have a Modern PC with a high Quality USB headset
    • Toll Dial in: if you have a hard-wired phone, or good cell coverage
  • Optimize your PC
    • Outlook can suck up a ton of resources… Turn it off if you are having issues.
    • If you are hearing your PC Fan, it’s working too hard turn off any other apps (activity monitor on the mac or the control panel on a pc will tell you what is running and eating up resources)
    • If you haven’t restarted in a while.. Might be a good idea
  • Video
    • Do turn it on… (You look the same in person as you do on camera)
    • Back light. Put a desk lamp behind your camera.
    • Do not face your camera toward a lamp or a window
    • Clean up the environment. Do a test call see what is showing up behind you.
  • Mute!
    • Mute your audio when you are not speaking
    • Mute your video during distractions, but turn it back on
  • Network
    • Make sure you have a strong WIFI connection or hard wire to your router
    • If you do not have a robust internet connection, ask the kids to get off Minecraft for during your meeting
  • If you haven’t reset your router in a while it’s good to do so about once a month (unplug the rounter and wait about 2 minutes and plug it back in)
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