Configure Blackboard Notifications

You can change the way you receive notifications from BlackBoard. You can choose to either recieve Text messages, Email messages, or turn off messaging.

Log on to Blackboard

Log on to blackboard ( using your network User ID and password.

Click on “Configure Rave Notifications” in the Tools menu

Use the Checkboxes to choose your notification settings.

Choose the type of notification you would like to receive for each class or group you are a member of. You can choose to receive text messages, email messages, or both types of messages for each category.

1. You may change the DEFAULT settings to change your settings for all of your classes or groups.

2. You can override the Default settings by changing the settings for individual classes or groups.

3. Press Submit to change your changes.

Log Out

To maintain security, log out of Rave messenger. Once you have logged out, you can return to Blackboard.

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