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Email – How to view Encrypted Email (Using MassBay Email)

An encrypted message is delivered to a recipient’s inbox just like any other email message, but it contains an encrypted HTML file attachment (which is the actual email)

After opening the attachment, the recipient can sign in or use a one-time passcode to view the message on the Office 365 Message Encryption portal. The email includes instructions for viewing the encrypted message.
These instructions work using either your office’s MassBay Outlook account or your MassBay Web Outlook account.

The graphics below are from Web Outlook within the Microsoft Edge browser:

  1. Log into your MassBay email account
  2. Note: there are two ways of recognizing an encrypted email:
    1. The “word” [encrypt] will be displayed somewhere in the Subject line
    2. The text will note that you received an encrypted email
    3. The encrypted “message” is attached (To begin the process to read the encrypted email)
    4. Click on Download (The encrypted email will be copied to the Download folder)

 3. Depending on the browser that you are using, you will be able to open the file by:
      1. Chrome – Check the “box” on the lower left side of the screen
      2. Firefox – Check the popup Window of the screen
  1. Edge – Check the “box” on the lower left side of the screen

  4. After clicking on the attachment, a similar display will appear as the one on the right

     1. Who sent the encrypted email
2. To whom it was sent and the two methods of enabling you to read the encrypted email
3. By signing in using your MassBay email address and password – OR
4. By using a one-time passcode
5. Sign in method
   1. Click on Sign in (3 above)
2. The screen will change to the one on the right Select Work or school account
 6. Because you are already logged into your MassBay email account, you will not be asked to log in again and the encrypted message will automatically be displayed.
An example is shown on the right (Any attachment will open in the “usual” way)
7. Passcode method
     1. Click on Use a one-time passcode (4 above in step 4)
2. The screen will change to something like the one on the right
Note that you have 15 minutes to check your MassBay email and to copy the passcode and paste it into the Passcode textbox
8. Return to your MassBay email account and open the email from Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption
(see example below) Copy the passcode

9. Return to the passcode screen

     1. Paste the passcode into the Passcode textbox
  1. Make sure that there are no spaces on the end of the passcode

10. The encrypted message will appear (an example is shown on the right)
Any attachment will open in the “usual” way
Note: if you reply to an encrypted email, your reply will also be encrypted
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