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Send or receive email stuck in Outbox

  • In Outlook, click the Send/Receive tab, and then click Work Offline.
  • Select the Outbox. You can now:
  1. Move the message: Move the message to the Drafts folder. You can either drag the message to the Drafts folder or you can right-click the message, select Move, select Other Folder, and then select the Drafts folder from the list. (NOTE: This enables you to open the large email message, and remove, resize and re-add the attachments before you try to resend the email message again)
  2. Delete the message: Right-click the message and select Delete.\
  • Click the Send/Receive tab, and then click Work Offline to de-select it. This restarts your connection.

NOTE: The steps listed above are primarily for removing corrupt email or an email with an attachment that exceeds the size limit set by the mail server. If the file that you are trying to attach to the email message is a large file, consider one of the following options

  1. At work, put the large file on a local network share or a SharePoint site inside your company and include a link to the location within the email message.
  2. At home, use OneDrive to store and send large files to your friends and family. For more information about how to use OneDrive, visit the OneDrive website
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