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All lab computers will print to secure release print queues, which users will be able to release (print) by swiping their OneCard ID on a printer with a reader. OIT has developed a series of video tutorials and documentation that can better describe this process and the functions of all the devices. Please see the link that follows.

To use this service, user will need their OneCard. If the user did not get it during orientation or have lost it, please see the link below for how to get a card.

Solution (FAQ)

Q: How will this affect students?

A: Students will get a $20 print allowance every semester. Pricing for print is .05 for single sided BW, .08 for double sided BW, .25 for single sided color, and .40 for double-sided color.

If a student uses up this allowance, they can add more money to it using a secure web interface and the services of PayPal. If a student does not use all of their $20, it stays in their account to be used when they need it.

If a student has a bad print and wants a credit, OIT will have a helpdesk page up where they can request it, and we will do so, but will track instances. OIT will not refund money from their print account, so we have made the credit minimum $10.

Q: Why do I need my OneCard?

A: User will need it or their username and password to make copies or to use the secure release. This replaces the number codes user previously needed to type in. User will swipe the card so the system can note the usage.

Q: What do I gain?

A: All printers will be in device pools, one made up of all Xerox systems and one of all HP. For example, if user send a print job to the printer queue Xerox_FollowMe, then they can release it from any Xerox system on any MassBay campus. If one printer is down, they can release their print job at another Xerox machine. The goal over the next two years is to move all printers to
just Xerox models and have one pool.

If user need to print sensitive material, user can send it to this printer queue and it will be held for them until they swipe their card. Also, if user want to send a print job to one of the copiers because it’s large or if they want to use the color options, they can send it to this printer queue. This way, it’s held for them and it won’t accidentally get mixed into the work someone else is doing on the machine.

Q: Do I have to release everything?

A: Yes, all jobs are held on the server until you release them. If you do not, they will be deleted from the queue after one hour.

Q: When does it start?

A: This will go live with Summer Session 1.


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