How to Save a Group Assignment as Draft and Submit Later


  1. When you need to stop working on a group assignment, click Save as Draft. This function saves your comments and files on the page. Click OK to leave the assignments area.
  2. Click Continue Current Submission to resume working without leaving the assignments area. To continue working on your saved draft after leaving the assignments area, return to assignment in content area that holds the group assignment, or from the group homepage.
  3. When you finish your assignment, you must click Submit. If you do not, your instructor will not receive your completed assignment.

Edit or Resubmit a Group Assignment

Editing a group assignment requires you to resubmit the assignment, and not all assignments can be resubmitted. Contact your instructor to ask for the opportunity to resubmit the assignment.

Your instructor may allow you to submit a group assignment more than once for a variety of reasons. For example, your instructor can provide comments on your first draft so that you can try to improve your work. Your instructor can choose to use either the highest graded attempt or the last graded attempt for your grade.

If your instructor has allowed you to submit a group assignment more than once, you will see a Start New Submission function on the Review Submission History page. You access this page by clicking the group assignment link in your course.

Viewing Group Assignment Grades and Feedback

Blackboard does not score assignments automatically. Each assignment needs to be reviewed by your instructor. You can review the information provided by your instructor in My Grades or on the assignment’s Review Submission History page.

How to Access My Grades From Your Course

You can view your grades from inside your course in My Grades. My Grades can appear on the course menu or located on the Tools page.

  • On the course menu, click Tools
  • On the Tools page, select My Grades.

How to Review Your Grade From the Group Homepage

You can also view your grade and any feedback provided by your instructor in the assignment’s Review Submission History page. If your instructor attached a file, you must access it from the group assignment link on the group homepage

How to Access My Grades Outside Your Course

  • On the My Institution tab, click My Grades on the Tools panel.
  • On the My Courses/Organizations page, click the name of your course.
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