Clear Student Attempt in Grade Center

Grade Center

  1. Inside the Blackboard course, click on the Grade Center
  2. Click on the Full Grade Center link

Student Attempts

  1. Locate the student and desired assignment grade column, click on the chevron button
  2. Inside the Red box will show all the students attempts
  3. Click on View Grade Details option

Garde Details

  1. Under Value, look for the Attempt in Progress Symbol
  2. Next to Attempt in Progress Symbol, click on the Clear Attempt button
  3. If this is an assessment (test), please make sure to click View Attempts button before you clear the student’s attempt.

View Attempt Details (for Assessments)

  1. Click on the arrows located before the Test Information (bold) to expand the details of the students attempt
  2. Check the Start Date/time and Submitted Date/time
  3. Review and grade the student’s attempt (if the student was halfway through the assessment, have them start at number…)
  4. After reviewing the student’s attempt, click on the Clear Attempt button

Anytime Clearing Attempt

  1. Click on the OK button to delete the attempt and the action is final

Return to Grade Center

  1. The attempt will disappear from the screen, click on the Return to Grade Center button
  2. If there are multiple attempts, the other attempts still exist.  You can Clear, Ignore, or Grade the other attempts.

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